Ava ~ We Like to Party {Birthday}

Ava ~ We Like to Party {Birthday}

The 1st Birthday Party of beautiful little Ava started out perfect with pink, purple and white snacks and decorations everywhere! The guest started to arrive and the atmosphere was filled with children laughing and playing and people having conversations and enjoying the company. The day was sunny and absolutely perfect!

Then a terrible accident happened. Avas older sister fell and bumped her head against the edge of a step. She had a terrible wound at the back of her head. She and her parents left to go to the ER for the wound to be looked at. They had a concussion test and other scans done to make sure that she was all right.

The party continued at home, but Avas mommy had a cake made and a beautiful outfit for Ava to do a cake smash in. We decided to wait before doing the cake smash, because mommy wanted to see this so badly. She came back just to see the cake smash, while Avas sister and daddy was still at the hospital.

The cake smash was overloaded with cuteness! Ava had the best time smashing and eating the cake. She even shared a little piece with her mommy.

It was a beautiful end to a day that took a painful turn.

Avas sister was fine and returned home later that day.

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