Dear Husband: You are a great dad!

Dear Husband: You are a great dad!

With it being Father’s Day month, I thought it good to write this blog to thank my dear husband for the dad he is to our son, Logan, and also brag a bit about the good dad he is 🙂

Since the day I found out that I was pregnant, I saw a change in Robbie… An increased feeling of protectiveness towards me and our baby.

My sister took these photos just after Logan was born. I was still in recovery after my C-Section, so if it weren’t for these photos, I would never even know this moment existed, and it has to be one of the top moments in my and Logan’s life. Just the caring way Robbie is watching Logan and the look on his face makes me teary eyed every time I see this.

Since day one, he has been an involved dad.  Just because I’m the mom, doesn’t mean I’m the parenting leader. Nope, we’re on equal footing. When Logan was still a baby, I rarely had to ask Robbie to do a diaper change. He would just do it. On days when he has the time, he will let me know that he is fetching Logan from school, so I don’t have to. And this list goes on.

And at times he is even better at this whole parenting thing than what I am 😉
Like one day, not too long ago, I was rushing to get ready to go somewhere and Logan came running into our room with his Captain America in his hand and asked: “Mommy, why is Captain America blue and red?” I replied with an abrupt “Because that is how he’s made.” Robbie took Logan and sat him down on our bed and showed him a picture of the American flag. He explained to him that Captain America has the same colours as the American flag, because he comes from America, and added that the star on his shield is also in connection with the stars on the American Flag. At that moment I was just like: “Ok, you’re the better parent around here!”

Logan absolutely adores and his dad! He has gone through a few mommy-phases, but even through those phases, he will still want his dad around. When we go to visit someone without Robbie or when Robbie has to work from the office, Logan will say that he misses his dad. And then the moment he sees his dad is just magical! I always get that “everything around you disappear” feeling in that moment. He will run up to his dad and give him the biggest hug and say things like: “Daddy, I’ve missed you!” or “I’m so happy to see you!” My heart melts every single time!

Logan just loves helping his dad to water the garden, wash the cars and fix things around the house. He will always come running to me and say with so much pride in his voice “I’m helping daddy out a bit.” I just love the bond between them!

So to my lovely husband, you are such a good role model to Logan. If he grows up to be exactly like you, that will make my heart super happy.

Fatherhood has made me love you even more! My heart will always beat a little faster when I watch you and Logan play and laugh together and when you hug each other with so much love.

Thank you for being the best dad to our son! I love you!

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