Nicklin ~ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star {Newborn}

Nicklin ~ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star {Newborn}

This little boy is a real little fighter! He was born prematurely during the COVID-19 pandemic. After two blood transfusions, a super bug he picked up in hospital, an operation and being on a ventilator, he was finally strong and healthy enough to go home with his mommy when he was 72 days old.

I’ve known his mom since I can remember. She is my sister’s childhood friend, so it was an extra special honor to take these photos of their little miracle baby. During the photoshoot, Marushka told me everything they went through with Nicklin, and with the pandemic, daddy was not allowed to be in hospital with them.

Once again, I just realised what challenges all the new parents are going through during this time. They are all Super Mommies and Super Daddies.

Marushka and Sarel, congratulations on your little bundle of love. You are a beautiful family!

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