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I’m honored to be one of the few licensed and registered SABPA Birth Photographers in South Africa.

The SABPA can be described as a building foundation which is the lower portion of building structure that transfers its gravity loads to the earth. Once the foundation is finished we can begin to build the superstructure.

SABPA is the foundation of the superstructure birth photography industry. Without SABPA this superstructure will never rise to its full potential.

SABPA provides the needed tools and resources to keep the birth space safe and private to the health care professionals and patients. This is all done to give the parents the opportunity, privilege and confidence to have their baby’s birth story captured without compromising the safety and privacy of the birth space. It is also a platform where these parents can find a SABPA registered birth photographer in their area with integrity and moral respect and who meets the needed requirements.

This superstructure foundation is built out of trusting relationships with hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals to continue the development and growth of the birth photography industry in South Africa.

It is important to uphold the SABPA Oath of Conduct to continue building relationships and trust between birth photographers and their clients, hospitals and their medical staff and other related businesses.

It is also important to continue giving photographers and parents to be the needed information of having a birth photographer present in the birth space and the great value thereof.

When a photographer is a member of SABPA, the clients can rest assure that the photographer is well prepared and aware of all the regulations within the birth space and that they will not get in the way of any needed medical care to the baby or family.

The privacy of the client is also highly respected by the SABPA members, which is very important when allowing anyone into the birth space.

SABPA has earned respect from hospitals and they appreciate the understanding the members have and professional way they operate within the birth space.

As a SABPA member I am represented in participating Mediclinics and other hospitals.

Blissfull Babyness is a proud contributor to the Hatch organization and the Milk Matters organization.

For more info on SABPA, please feel free to contact me or visit their website: