The Story Before and the Birth Story of José

The Story Before and the Birth Story of José

About 25 years ago, there were two 4 year old girls playing doll and being pretend mommies, dreaming about the day they would become real mommies to real babies..

Fast forward to 2015, these two girls are still friends and sharing the life changing season of becoming mommies.

In May 2015 Andrea found out she was expecting Aimee and I had my positive pregnancy test on the 14th of November 2015, the same day as Andrea’s Baby Shower!

So besides my husband, she and my sister (my sister was doing her make-up for the baby shower) were the first people I told about my pregnancy.

We were on Maternity leave together and I have to tell you, I think I would have gone mad if it wasn’t for this! We went through some tough times short after the birth of our little boy and I knew Andrea was always just a phone call away. On days I didn’t want to get up, she would pick me up and drag me to a mall, take me to mommy and baby events or just visit me regularly.

Logan and Aimee are such good friends now and it’s so special to me that our children are childhood friends!

So when Andrea phoned me one night to ask if I’m still interested in Birth Photography, my heart skipped a beat. Off course I was, but will I be able to do this? Nevertheless, the date was booked and I started preparing for this day. I was too afraid to get excited though. What if I pass out? What if I’m not brave enough to take this chance? Is this dream really becoming a reality?

The 22nd of October was here in a flash! On my way to the hospital I was really calm and in charge of my emotions, but as I drove over the hill where I got the first sight of the hospital, I started freaking out! Excitement, fear, happiness, disbelieve… these were all emotions going through my heart and running down my cheeks. Is this really happening?

I got to the hospital at 8:30 and found my dear friend very tired of waiting to go to theater… and super hungry! An hour later, they came to fetch her and we walked the walk to theater! As the freezing chill of the theater hit me, I started shaking in my sandals. “You’re doing this! You’re really doing this!” I kept saying to myself.

Andrea’s nerves were shot and with good reason. Aimee’s birth was a stressful one and three weeks later, Andrea had a blood clot in her leg. I got the phone call a day after she visited me. I could not believe what I was hearing. “She was here yesterday and looked perfectly healthy! How can this be?” My heart broke for my friend!
You can read her story on her blog posts (Part 1 & Part 2)

Because of this, Andrea had to inject herself with Clexane during her pregnancy with José… A total of 300 injections. She did not throw away the injections after using them. Everyone asked why? Even me! And then she showed me a Clexane Baby photoshoot she wanted to do with baby José. Click here to see Jose’s Clexane Baby Photoshoot.

So back to the birth of José. This time around, everything went so well. There were no complications during the birth procedure and he is a healthy little baby boy!

That moment he gave his first cry, was priceless! Everything I had imagined it would be, times one hundred. And what an honor it was to capture these perfect moments for my dear friends. I did it!

Andrea and Dwayne, thank you so very much for this opportunity and for trusting me to be part of this very personal experience. I will forever be grateful! And Andrea, thank you for this lifelong friendship!

“If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough!”

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