Vuvu ~ Butterflies in my Tummy {Maternity}

Vuvu ~ Butterflies in my Tummy {Maternity}

This was the last shoot I did before we went into lockdown, and I have never been more thankful that we booked a shoot for a specific date. Lockdown was announced two days after we did this shoot and then Vuvu had to leave to be with her mom for the birth of her little baby. PLUS, we did the photoshoot on her Birthday!

She is one of the caretakers at my son’s school and all the kids LOVE her!
One night, Logan woke up at around midnight and started crying for Vuvu. Then I just knew that she is the loving and caring person my boy cries for at school when he needs someone. She is very fun loving and the one who’s always dancing!
On the day of the photoshoot she told me “When Logan was a baby he would always start dancing when music starts to play,
and this is why our strong bond started forming.”

This is one special woman and I just know that she is going to be the best mom to her boy!

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